Greenhouse Data Logger

Bhartel Greenhouse Data Logger is a device designed to automatically collect and store data from sensors deployed in agricultural settings. These data loggers are equipped with the capability to record information of parameters like soil moisture, soil temperature, soil conductivity and weather conditions like air temperature & Humidity ,light intensity and other relevant parameters. By Monitoring these parameters, farmers can make informed decisions regarding irrigation, fertilization, and crop selection. This system optimizes water usage, reduces fertilizer waste and promotes sustainable farming practices. With remote monitoring, farmers can manage critical parameters and ensure optimal conditions for higher yield.


Product Features

  • Data Logger has 4/8/16Channels
  • Input ports both Analog – 4-20 mA/ 0-5V and Digital.
  • Relays for controlling applications
  • Set Point feature for all channels
  • Communication Interfaces Modbus/RS232/RS485.
  • Digital LCD Display
  • Storage with 8 GB memory card for local storage.
  • Power Source- Mains/Battery/ Solar Panel
  • Power Requirement- 9-12VDC, Internal Battery 6V/ 1.2AH Lead Acid
  • Remote monitoring and control through GPRS / GSM facility.
  • Durable and rugged design which is suitable for Agriculture, industries, research or challenging environment.
  • User-Friendly Interface for Effortless setup and operation