Greenhouse Automation Solutions

Bhartel AgriTech Greenhouse Automation solution, involves the integration of various technological systems to enhance the efficiency, precision, and sustainability of agricultural practices within the greenhouse. The greenhouse automation system is equipped with data loggers and soil and weather sensors solutions, which aims to revolutionize agriculture in India by providing following

Precise Environmental Control: We provide precise control over greenhouse conditions, ensuring consistent growth environments for crops.
Resource Efficiency: Our system optimizes the use of water and soil resources, reducing waste and environmental impact.
Data-Driven Decisions: Real-time data and insights empower farmers to make informed decisions, enhancing agricultural practices.
Reduced Labor Dependency: By automating processes, our solution reduces the labor-intensive nature of traditional farming, lowering operational costs

Greenhouse automation empowers growers to produce high-quality, consistent harvests while ensuring the long-term sustainability of their operations. As technology continues to advance, the integration of automation in greenhouse farming is likely to play an even more significant role in meeting the growing global demand for fresh, sustainable produce.


Agriculture Weather Station Solutions

Bhartel weather monitoring solutions provide farmers with critical meteorological data that empowers farmers to make informed decisions and optimize their operations. The weather monitoring stations are strategically positioned in agricultural areas, equipped with data logger and a range of sensors/instruments to capture crucial meteorological data like Temperature and humidity, Atmospheric Pressure using Barometers, Wind Speed and Direction with Anemometers, Precipitation with Rain gauges, Solar Radiation, Air Quality, etc.

Weather monitoring stations are a fundamental component of modern agriculture, enhancing productivity, sustainability, and resource management. The Precise information on precipitation, humidity, and soil moisture levels aids in efficient irrigation management, reducing water wastage and improving crop health. Additionally, weather stations offer early warnings for frost events, enabling farmers to protect crops from potential damage. They also help predict disease and pest outbreaks by monitoring temperature, humidity, and other weather factors, allowing timely intervention

Networking Solutions for SME’s and Industries

Bhartel is an established Network Integration Company comprising of professionals with strong technical backgrounds who work with the aim of helping the Organizations elevate their technology standards for ease of doing business.

Bhartel offer cutting-edge network infrastructure products, solutions, and services for Small & Large Enterprises that surpass clients expectations in various sectors empowering them with a robust unified network .The deployment of this network involves a variety of networking products like Switches, Access points, Routers & Modems.

Bhartel provides with a structured solution that meets all communication needs. We provide solutions by evaluating, analysing, suggesting, and customizing a solution that best fits business needs today and tomorrow. Whether it is the industry of Finance, Education, Manufacturing, Retail or Health, a high-performance network would be required to support your ongoing business operations. Our solutions will be able to support your applications, from basic communications to video conferencing systems and from storage to cloud applications plus any other value-added applications. These solutions support business by enhancing your workflow efficiency, saving your operating costs, and inspiring you to reach the next milestone for your company.

To aid our customers in implementing and supporting their network and hardware components, we have partnered with numerous manufacturers worldwide for providing reliable and cost effective networks.